Proclaim the praises of Him Who called you out of darkness and into His wonderful light!

(I Peter 2:9)

Thank you for your interest in having Proclamation Brass provide music for your church or community event!


Our engagements typically fall into one of several categories:


  • Complement to a Sunday morning service
    Our most common type of event is a Sunday morning service where we play 5-6 selections, usually 1-2 for a prelude, one for postlude, and the rest as special music and/or offertory during the service, with selections averaging around 3 minutes each.  This allows for minimal interruption to your normal Sunday morning service while still providing enough music to be "something different" for your congregation.  We also like to give a short verbal introduction to our ministry, typically between back-to-back musical selections.

  • Full concert
    Occasionally we are requested to provide something closer to a full concert, often for a Sunday night church service or retirement home, etc.  Our preference in this case is to provide 3 "packages" of 3-4 selections each, with verbal introductions for most of the musical pieces.  This allows our musicians short rests between pieces, as well as provides the audience meaningful background information for the music.  This usually takes around 45 minutes, leaving time for announcements, a few congregational songs, and/or comments from the pastor or host.
  • Other
    We are also open to other presentation formats.  For example, we have participated in the City of Portage's Traditional Holiday festivities in December for a number of years, and from time to time have participated in fundraisers for Christian ministries that are aligned with our mission and our Statement of Faith.  In such cases, we are happy to work with the event organizers to craft a program that meets their needs.


Our logistical needs for an event are modest:

  • Usually around a dozen armless chairs (if more are needed, we will coordinate with you ahead of the event).  Padded "choir chairs" are ideal, but we can work with almost any kind of individual chairs without arms.
  • Space to set up these chairs.  Our normal seating arrangement is a large semicircle, but we can be flexible if we need to be.
  • If your venue has enough orchestral-style music stands (Manhasset, Wenger, etc.), using them may be easier for us, but we can bring our own music stands if necessary.
  • One hand-held microphone.  A wireless microphone is strongly preferred, as we may pass it from one musician to another.  Also, we sometimes have a vocal soloist who will need to be mic'd to be heard over the brass.

We are often asked if we charge a fee:

Proclamation Brass is first and foremost a ministry of volunteers, and as such, we never charge a fee.  We do have expenses, of course, so love offerings or honorariums are accepted, but are never required, and we never take financial considerations into account when deciding to take on a ministry opportunity.


Do you want to invite Proclamation Brass for your church or event?


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